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One of the most suggested methods for launching a business in India is to form a private limited company. With appropriate ownership constraints, this kind of business provides its stockholders with minimal responsibility. Partners in an LLP are those who own and run the company. In contrast, directors and shareholders may not be the same in private limited company registration.
Your go-to legal expert, Resolveyourcompliance, offers affordable company registration services in India. Here, you may find out how to register your business. In accordance with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ requirements, we handle the necessary legal formalities and compliances. You obtain a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), a PAN, and a TAN following the approval of the company registration process. You can now open an account with a current bank.

Limited liability protection to directors personal assets
Startups frequently need to borrow money and purchase items on credit. In the case of typical partnerships, the personal savings and property of the partners would be at danger in the event that the business was unable to pay back its loans. In a private limited company, only financial investments are lost; the directors’ personal assets are safe.

Better image and credibility in the market
A well-known and widely used business structure is the private limited company. Private Limited Companies are preferred by corporate clients, suppliers, and governmental organisations over sole proprietorships and traditional partnerships.

Easy to raise funds and loans
Compared to LLPs and OPCs, Pvt. Ltd. companies have more choices for raising capital through bank loans, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Favorite business structure for investors
Investors love to invest in Private Limited companies as it is well structured and less strings attached. Most important it is very easy to exit from a private limited company.

Employees are easily attracted
Putting together a team and keeping them for a long time is difficult for startups, but because of the security provided by the private limited structure, it is simple to hire individuals and to incentivize them with corporate titles and stock options.

Simple to sell
Selling a Private Ltd. is simple; there is very little paperwork and expense associated with doing so.