Step 1 : The patent database will be thoroughly searched by a patent attorney.

Step 2 : Through comparisons with similar ideas, the attorneys will evaluate originality.

Step 3 : The attorney will then inform you of whether or not you should make the application.

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With the help of a patent, an inventor can prevent others from making, utilising, importing, or commercialising his or her creation without authorization. Before granting such a right, a careful evaluation is made to see whether the process or product is unique, novel (and hasn’t been foreseen in any public document before), and industrially applicable (possesses utility). It entails looking through the intellectual property authority of India’s database to discover if there is a product or invention that is identical to or similar to the applicant’s invention.


It shows the level of competition
It confirms whether or not your invention’s concept has already been patented
It assists with determining which aspects of your innovation are most likely to be patentable
It grants you the sole right to prevent others from reproducing, manufacturing, selling, or importing your innovation without your permission.

Documents Required

comprehensive description (in English)

Address, nationality, and name of inventors

applicants’ full names, addresses, and nationalities

Legal authority (to be filed in case the application is filed by a patent agent)

Application form or assignment deed with the inventor’s endorsement (if the inventors are not the applicants)

Information and an undertaking under Section 8 regarding the specifics of related applications that have been filed in other countries

The priority application’s verified English translation (required for convention applications)

Patent Search Essential

Thousands of patent applications are submitted to patent authorities each year. The authorities do not always approve applications. This is due to the fact that the invention incorporates non-innovative related innovations, applications, or processes.
For instance, Indian pharmaceutical companies routinely submit patent applications when their research and development departments create new products or, more frequently, the “steps” necessary to create a specific active ingredient (drug). These medications frequently lack innovation and don’t record it. Therefore, it is important to conduct a patent search to see if any identical innovations or applications have already been patented before wasting time on the patent procedure.

Patent Search Process

Article Published in a Respected Journal
You would need to send in all the information pertaining to the patent search, including the invention’s uses, advantages over currently available goods or processes, and, if applicable, its publication in a reputable journal.

Patent Lookup

A request will be handled by your Resolveyourcompliance legal expert, who will then extensively search the database. The complexity of the innovation, the industries it applies to, and the quantity of existing goods and procedures that are similar will all influence how long this search will take. In the event that the patent search identifies your process or product as innovative, we will start the application filing procedure.